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Gain Flexibility & Clear Vision with Contact Lenses

If you wear eyeglasses, you have probably considered trying contact lenses. Contacts offer several benefits over glasses, like a wider field of view and crisper vision. However, they do not always work for everyone, and they do come with certain risks.

A contact lens exam and fitting are essential before you decide to wear contact lenses. This exam and fitting will allow us to evaluate your ocular health for extended contact lens use and find the best fit and style of contact for your unique eyes and needs.

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How Is a Contact Lens Exam
Different Than a Regular Exam?

A contact lens exam is similar to a comprehensive eye exam but has a few extra steps.

You will undergo the same assessments that you do during a regular eye exam, but your eyes will need to be evaluated for long-term contact lens wear. Primarily, we want to ensure your eyes will not be damaged by frequent contact use.

Additionally, if you have an ocular condition, like blepharitis or astigmatism, that can make wearing contacts uncomfortable, we may be able to find a solution for you during this exam.

If you already wear contacts, we check your overall eye health and determine if your current brand still suits your needs. We can make any necessary adjustments during this visit.

The Contact Lens Fitting

The contact lens fitting is for new lens wearers. We will assess your tear film and the health of the surface of your eyes to determine that your production and quality of tears can support contact lens use. We will take certain measurements including the corneal curvature of your cornea and confirm your contact lens prescription. We discuss your overall needs and lifestyle during the fitting, including what you do for work and leisure. This discussion will allow us to find the perfect style of lens to benefit you the most.

There are many types of contact lenses, including:

Based on all the information collected and your lifestyle we will pick a lens we think is ideal for you You will then be shown how to insert, remove, and care for your lenses. You will take your trial lenses home and start wearing them in your daily life. You will come in for a follow-up appointments to see how you are adjusting to contact lens use and how your eyes are adapting to the lenses.

It sometimes takes a bit of trial error to find the right fit and style. If you experience any issues with your current lenses, we can always make adjustments and order new trails until we find the right lens for yo. It is important that your eyes remain healthy and strong, your vision remains crisp and clear, and that you are happy and satisfied with your new lenses.

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If you wear contact lenses or are considering trying them, please book your comprehensive eye exam and fitting today! We can find a style to suit your needs.

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