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Cosmetic Contatcs

Did you know that contact lenses are medical devices that must be approved by the FDA? Contact lenses are to be dispensed by a regulated and qualified practitioner. Nowadays, cosmetic contacts are readily available online, in beauty supply stores, tattoo parlours, etc. Unfortunately, a majority of the lenses sold are not FDA approved and may […]

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What is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)?

Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a condition present in childhood. A lazy eye occurs when the brain disregards blurry images coming from an underdeveloped eye. Unlike other eye conditions, lazy eyes cannot be corrected with lenses. The weaker eye must be strengthened by having patching or covering the dominant eye. Although the effects […]

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What is astigmatism? In a normal eye, the cornea is smooth and a near perfect sphere – like a basketball. There is a common focal point to allow the person to see a clear image. In an astigmatic eye, the cornea is warped – like a football. This creates multiple focal points resulting in blurred, […]

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Contact Lens

How long should I wear contacts for? Depends on your lens! Contacts can be classified into two groups: daily wear and extended wear. Daily wear lenses must be removed nightly whereas extended wear lenses can be worn overnight. Contact lens can be prescribed for several visual problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or a combination […]

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OHIP Eye Examination Coverage

Children aged 0 to 19 Years: An annual, full eye examination. Senior aged 65 and above: An annual, full full eye examination. Adults aged 20 to 64 years: OHIP doesn’t cover Eye Examination for adults 20-64 years of age. There are some exceptions for certain medical conditions. It is highly recommended that you must discuss […]

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